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Winter Doubles Ladder 2017/18
November - January
League 1
  Played Won Playing Points Total Points    
Becky/David 1 1 1 3   Becky/David 2 v 0 Emma/Matt
Louise/Darren 1 1 1 3   Louise/Darren 2 v 0 Rachel/Jason
Emma/Matt 1 0 1 1   Becky/David   v   Louise/Darren
Rachel/Jason 1 0 1 1   Emma/Matt   v   Rachel/Jason
    Becky/David   v   Rachel/Jason
  Louise/Darren   v   Emma/Matt
League 2
  Played Won Playing Points Total Points    
Ann/Jason 1 1 1 3   Ann/Jason 2 v 0 Josh/Ollie
Josh/Ollie 1 0 1 1   Rachel G/Steve   v   Jo/John
Jo/John 0 0 0 0   Ann/Jason   v   Jo/John
Rachel G/Steve 0 0 0 0   Josh/Ollie   v   Rachel G/Steve
    Rachel G/Steve   v   Ann/Jason
  Josh/Ollie   v   Jo/John

To provide competitive but relaxed and enjoyable tennis within the club through the winter months.

The competition consists of 10 pairs of players divided into three leagues.
Each league will contain 3 or 4 pairs.
There will be four rounds, each lasting 2 months. These will be:
Round 1 - September/October
Round 2 - November/December
Round 3 – January/February
Round 4 – March/April
Each pair will be asked to play two matches per round. Where a league contains four pairs, each pair will play against two out of the other three.
At the end of each round one pair will be relegated from leagues 1 and 2 and one promoted from leagues 2 and 3.

Two points will be awarded for a win and to encourage the playing of games, a point will be awarded to each pair for playing their match.

1. Each pair is responsible for organising their matches.

2. Matches are to consist of two sets. At the end, if the score is tied at one set all then a tie-break is played to determine the winner.

3. It is the responsibility of the winning pair to report the match score to Jason.

4. Each pair can play up to a maximum of two matches with one of the pair being replaced by a substitute but only if it’s to ensure the match is played within the time period. Ideally members of the club not already involved in the doubles competition will be called upon as substitutes.

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