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Ladder Competitions

Winter Singles Ladder 2017/18
November - January
League 1
  Played Won Total Points    
David 0 0 0   Darren   v   David
Darren 0 0 0   Rachel   v   Darren
Rachel 0 0 0   David   v   Rachel
League 2
  Played Won Total Points    
Gareth 1 1 3   Gareth 2 v 0 Geoff
Geoff 1 0 1   Jason   v   Steve
Jason 0 0 0   Gareth   v   Jason
Steve 0 0 0   Geoff   v   Steve
          Gareth   v   Steve
          Geoff   v   Jason

To provide competitive but relaxed and enjoyable tennis within the club through the winter months.

The competition will involve leagues of three or four players and each player will play the others in their league once in a two month period. The winner of the league will be promoted to the league above and the third placed player will be relegated to the league below.

Three points will be awarded for a win and one point for a loss.

1. Each person is responsible for organising their matches.

2. Matches are to consist of two sets (unless both players agree a different format). At the end, if the score is tied at one set all then a tie-break is played to determine the winner.

3. It is the responsibility of the winning player to report the match score to Jason as soon as the match has been played.
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